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Poster: bigdaddyrico85 Date: Jun 10, 2010 8:46pm
Forum: more_animation Subject: Re: Warner Bros removing PD cartoons

Depends. Ive been researching this alot because of my show. If you uploaded a remastered print, {ie from the Golden Collection} Warner Bros has the copyright to that remaster and has every right to remove it. However, if its an un-remastered print, they have no legal right. Music is still a grey area I'm still exploring. I was told that you can use it if its part of the film because the performace of it is PD. For example: If you buy a PD DVD of The Beverly Hillbillies, you will notice the theme song is missing. The theme is a seperate entity and is protected by copyright. However, when you watch the show, you'll notice the incendental music is there. It's because that performance is PD because that episode is even though the music is copyrighted. Of course, It's A Wonderful Life's copyright was restored because of copyrighted music. So that's where it gets tricky.